Monday, June 29, 2009

Writing Trek Comments from Orci, Kurtzman

In an interview with SciFi Scanner, Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci talk about writing Star Trek compared with Transformers and fandom. Snippet below, full interview here.

Q: Are Transformers fans as ravenous as Trekkies?
BO: Transformers fans taught us how to deal with Star Trek fans. And they're both heavy-duty. But Transformers fans taught us how to interact, how to turn the conversation constructive a little bit, and not just have it be, "You suck. Go jump off of a building, please."

Q: Did you learn anything from writing Transformers 2 that's been helpful in formulating Trek 2?
AK: They're so different. You're putting on a different hat. And the choices that you make in Transformers with Michael as the director versus Star Trek with J.J. couldn't be more 180 degrees in the opposite direction. So I don't know that for me there's a natural corollary between them.

Q: Would you ever again want to draw characters from the Prime universe in the sequel, like you did for Spock?
BO: We can't be done with it completely. But I would start with what's happening to the crew now, and if that became a great thing, organic to the momentum of where the first movie is going, then maybe. Anything is possible right now. That's really the juice and the curse of this path.

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