Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sequel Book to Star Trek Movie Planned

Alan Dean Foster has signed on to write a sequel novel to Abram's Star Trek that is tentatively titled Star Trek: Refugees for release in October. He spoke with Wired about the plans:
I signed the contract, so that’s a go. At least the first step is a go. The second step is for Pocket Books and Paramount to approve the outline. They wanted an outline. Sometimes when I’m asked to do a book, I just get a book contract for two books or three books or whatever. Sometimes they’ll ask for a very brief synopsis of what the general idea is. Not even so much for the editor. The editors are generally satisfied at this point that I’m going to do what I say I’m going to do. But they have to present something to marketing so that marketing has something to promote from the get go. So marketing will want a description. It’s obviously different with a novelization where you have a film studio involved, sometimes somebody else, like in this case, Hasbro. They want to know what you’re going to do with their franchise. There is a lot more riding on it than just a book by me that’s going to be published. So I did a fairly extensive outline for the book which has the tentative title of “Star Trek: Refugees” which I can’t explain without giving anything away. I mean, I just signed the contract. But hopefully the outline will be approved since the book is due in October.
In addition, TrekMovie has a summary of the various Star Trek (all eras) novels planned for the rest of the year for Voyager, Vanguard and more. Of note is the Enterprise novel may actually tell the story of the war with the Romulans that was inferred to have occurred way back in the Original Series but never chronicled. Click here for more information.

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