Monday, July 20, 2009

Spock A Sex Symbol?

In a newly discovered letter from Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, apparently Spock's "look of the devil" might be "particularly provocative to women." Roddenberry refers to Spock as "Spoke" in the 1973 letter which was auctioned last Saturday in London. In relation to that Lemon Drop asked the inevitable question - is Mr Spock the Perfect Boyfriend? I am thinking most women wouldn't be able to get past the hair style.


  1. definitely spock is sex symbol for women his devilish looks and unique hair style is definitely provocative among women but for me it doesn't work :-D ha ha but i m a huge fan of this show and like to Watch Star Trek Online

  2. Spock was a sex symbol for many reasons. Of course Shatner's Kirk was designed to be the official sex symbol of the show but everyone who watched the series know that Spock ended up being the most popular character, especially with the women, which hardly had to do with his hair, maybe with the "devilish eyes" - but it's certainly more than that.
    I guess Rodenberry wanted simply to get credit for the character's unlikely sex appeal, not wanting it to be all Nimoy's merit.