Sunday, July 12, 2009

Star Trek 2.0 Book Plans

PocketBooks has announced its 2010 plans for Star Trek novels including four for the new Star Trek 2.0 universe created by the recent movie. I tend to geek out on these books, owning most and read almost all of them so looking forward to the new novels. It appears that the movie has provided an injection into publishing plans as the number of books had dropped over the years from 1 to 2 a month to about 1 a quarter. The new plans returned the volume back to what it used to be with about one book a month, each covering various eras of Trek history.

Four novels, about one a month from June to September 2010 will be set in the Star Trek 2.0 universe with the Enterprise embarking on new mission of exploration that will be independent of any sequels plans that Abrams and company may be devising.

Five planned books will cover various gaps in Trek history. One will involved the relationship between James Kirk and Carol Marcus (Inception, 2/2010), another will give background on the Orions during Captain Pike's era (The Children of Kings, out 4/2010), and another will give additional background on Saavik (Unspoken Truth, 5/2010) who eventually marries Spock in some of the non-canon books.

In addition, four more novels will cover the "Typhon Pact" which is events set in the post Star Trek: Nemesis era before events of Abrams's Trek that sent spot back in time. The events take place after an armada of Borg nearly wiped out the Federation (but killed billions along the way) in the "Destiny" series of books (fantastic reads). Those events led to the creation of the "Typhon Pact" which is a kind of anti-Federation agreement between the Romulans, Tholians, Gorn, Breen, Tzenkethi, and Kinshaya) which has the unspoken goal of breaking the Federation.

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