Sunday, August 9, 2009

Writers Update on Sequel Script Progress

Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman continue to provide updates on progress for the script to the sequel to the successful 2009 movie. Long story short, there is no script yet as they are still in the spitballing ideas stage.

According to Sci Fi Wire, the writers are considering revisiting classic Original Series moments but adapting it to the new timeline.
"Even when you pitch stuff, sometimes someone will be like, 'Wow, that's like that one episode,'" Orci said. "So even in trying to stay away from it, you can crash back in there."

At the same time, the writers want to make sure any follow-up is not too Trek-heavy, so as not to confuse the new fans who were brought into the fold by director J.J. Abrams' movie. "A lot of what makes die-hard Trekkers really focused on Trek are those details that can sometimes be alienating to people who are not on the inside," Kurtzman said. "That leads us back to what are the big themes, the emotional ideas? That's a language everybody speaks."
Orci responded with a simple "It's a good idea", at the idea from Abrams good luck charm (he pretty much appears in all his projects) and best friend Greg Grunberg who suggested himself playing Harry Mudd in a future movie. Personally I hope his answer is a diplomatic response and isn't being considered as I considered those episodes to be some of the worst in series.

Considering the secrecy that surrounds JJ Abrams' projects and his (and really the writers) desire to work on new ideas (even if in others sandboxes) that any script will be based on new stories and villains and not employ any episodes from the Original Series as a foundation for ideas and stick with the homage precedent of the current movie.

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