Monday, October 19, 2009

Star Trek Wins Six Scream Awards

Saturday Night, the Spike TV Scream Awards ceremony was held at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA and Star Trek took home six awards including the top award of "Ultimate Scream". Star Trek had 17 nominations in 15 categories.

Th wins:
Ultimate Scream
Best Science Fiction Movie
Best Director (JJ Abrams)
Best Science Fiction Actor (Chris Pine)
Best Cameo (Winona Ryder)
Best Fight Scene (Kirk Spock bridge fight)

Probably the highlight of the night for Trek fans was Shatner accepting the Ultimate Scream trophy:
Morgan Freeman presented the Ultimate Scream award (essentially best in show) to "Star Trek" — and William Shatner shocked fans when he stepped on stage to accept the trophy.

"J.J., I'll handle this," Shatner said to J.J. Abrams, seated in the audience, who also won best director and best sci-fi movie for "Star Trek." (via Trekmovie)

"This movie was big," Shatner said. "Imagine how big it could have been with me in it? ... I'll be waiting for your call."
The full list of winners can be found here. The telecast of the award ceremony will air on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27th from 10:00pm to midnight ET/PT.


  1. even joking, shatner sounds like an ass

  2. "I'll be waiting for your call."

    Shatner rejected the offer to be in the film and now he wants in after it gets six awards? Not today, Shatner, for revenge is a dish that's best served cold.