Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mythbusters Take on the Gorn Cannon

A new episode of Mythbusters will air on the Discovery Channel that focuses on Star Trek's Gorn Cannon. As a huge fan of the show, I am looking forward to this episode as a nice after Christmas treat. Below is Mythbusters re-creation of the classic moment from the Original Series episode "Arena" (orginial can be watched here) and a description the episode.
On Monday, December 28, Tory, Grant and Jessi tackle a Trekkie tall tale, the Gorn Cannon! In a memorable Star Trek moment, a marooned Captain Kirk channels MacGyver and makes a bamboo bazooka while hand-mixing his own gunpowder to successfully fight off the Gorn Captain. Wearing an official Starfleet uniform in MythBusters blue, Grant takes the lead in recreating the cannon with the help of Tory and Jessi. Will they blow Captain Kirk's creation out of the water or will this cannon really take down the enemy?

It seems the show will have to answer multiple questions. One is can the right ingredients for an explosive be found out in the wild (of coures an alien world has different rules), once built can it fire off a rock and will that rock have enough force behind it to be an effective weapon? I want to say no but the show has proven my assumptions wrong enough times that I will just have to wait until next Monday to find out.

If your not familiar with Mythbusters (or a fan), Christmas Day is an excellent time to catch up as the Discovery Channel is running a marathon of the show from 9am - 3am EST. They are also doing the same for New Years Day. I am hoping it is 16 different episodes rather then the same 8 or so repeated twice like they did with Thanksgiving.

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