Monday, January 25, 2010

Sequel Update for Orci

Finally a post that has something to do with Star Trek movies rather than the online game. Thanks to TrekMovie, there is an update of sorts about the sequel. Star Trek writer particapted in a brief video interview with the site where he talks about discussing the sequel, being nominated for a WGA award, and other Trek related topics. To view the full interview click here.

To sum the sequel update, the script is still in the spitballing phase but "opinions are starting to form" noting "Now that we have absolute freedom, it comes with absolute responsibility and it's daunting." A goal is to try to use classic Trek that will "harmonize with canon" but still be original and "we will not do a remake." The expectation is seems to be that once story idea is formed, the script will flow quickly and hopefully pre-production can start this year. With the film's release now set for two and half years from now they have plenty of time to fine tune their idea and with no strikes to get in the way like with the first film.

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