Thursday, April 22, 2010

STO: Two Ships, Two Trailers

Star Trek Online has updated its website to introduce two news ships, the Akira Class and Vesper class of Federation ships. In addition, two new trailers are available that show off the upcoming Season 1.1 with Undine Terradome Mission and another that shows off Cloaking (click here for that).

The Akira Class incorporates elements of the Sovereign and Galaxy classes to create a "heavy gunship and carrier to protect space stations and ships devoted more to exploration than firepower." For details and video, click here. The Vesper class is called the "sister to the Constitution and Excalibur classes" that uses "modular construction, so it is ideal for exploration missions." For more details and video on Vesper, click here.


  1. There is nothing like not knowing who the enemy is.

  2. He is great. I am sad to see him retire.