Friday, July 23, 2010

Orci, Kurtzman SDCC Sequel Update

The San Diego Comic-Con is currently in full swing with Star Trek writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman making the rounds to promote their upcoming television show Hawaii Five-O. MTV tried to get specific details on their progress in scripting Star TRek 2 (video below).

"That's something we've never told anyone," Kurtzman replied. "We actually are making significant process on the story."

"Our [work] days are regimented by the hour, it's the only way to get through it," Kurtzman explained. "The good news is that on [the set of whatever we're working on] we can step into the trailer and do work on 'Star Trek.'" Orci added, "It's been kind of a noon to 2 kind of thing for some reason. Lunch is nice."

"Now that we've set up everybody-- there were new characters in the last one, so we really want to focus in on them," Orci said. "For example Scotty, who you met at the end of the last movie, who [was] so important to the crew but had the shortest screen time, now is going to be in the movie from the very beginning. In fact, the whole crew is in it from the beginning."

In other word, the narrow focus of the last movie will broaden in the sequel. "Now the whole family is there and you want to focus on them first. Before you worry too much about new characters, make sure you have them taken care of."

Which characters will be getting more screen time? No definites yet, but Orci definitely has his ideas. "I loved, and a lot of people loved, Captain Pike. I loved Bones, who a lot of people thought he's too good-looking to be cast as Bones... he was a fan-favorite. We'd worked with Karl way back in TV land days, so to get back together and have him surprise everyone was great."

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