Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Star Trek Online Season 2 Released

Star Trek Online continues to add to its universe with the release of the Season 2: Ancient Enemies update (press release and trailer below). Atari also announced that the price of the game has dropped from $50 to $20 with first month subscription free. With all the recent deals for a just released game, along with quitting of the executive producer (to be with family, always a red flag), it seems the subscription rates of the game is way behind expectations. The just released Starcraft II is unlikely to help to the situation.

The new update increases the level cap from 45 to 51, adds new ranks, new ships, rewards, episodes, and more. Two new races are also added, the Fek'ihri and Deferi. The Fek'ihri is an enemy race to the Klingons, dating back to the founding of the Empire by Kahless. They are why the 2nd season is subtitled "Ancient Enemies." The Deferi is a neutral race which players can aid. The new gameplay options, Federation Diplomatic Corps, gives players not interested in the fighting aspect of the game to seek peaceful solutions to issues as seek out new civilizations. The update also continues the story of The Undine War that the Online continuity introduced, playing off the events first created in the Voyager TV series.

For even more information about the new update and upcoming plans, read the State of the Game article from game Exec. Producer Dan Stahl. Also click here for an interview with Stahl about the season 2 and future plans.

- New Star Trek Online Season Launches at the Same Time as a Reduced $19.99 Retail Price – More Content, More Value -

New York, NY) July 27, 2010 – Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, and renowned MMO developer Cryptic Studios, have today announced the availability of Season Two: Ancient Enemies, the latest content update for the Star Trek Online universe. Season Two: Ancient Enemies is available at no additional cost to current Star Trek Online players. The content update allows players to encounter and battle even more of Star Trek’s iconic races, and enjoy all new Episodes. Star Trek Online is also now available for a new low price of $19.99.

Star Trek Online’s Season Two: Ancient Enemies boasts the following new features:

* A new level cap: players can now reach level 51. (The previous level cap was 45.) With the increase come new ranks within the Federation and Klingon factions.
* All new rewards and content: including new Tier 5 ships, high-level versions of every Special Task Force mission and Fleet Action, and Mark XI gear rewards.
* Eight brand new Episodes: tailored specifically for the Klingon Empire, these Episodes star the Fek’ihri, the fabled enemy of Kahless, founder of the Klingon Empire. In Season Two, the Fek’ihri have returned and have again set their eyes upon Qo’noS.
* A brand new gameplay option: the Federation Diplomatic Corps. In this new system, players have the chance to meet and peacefully interact with brand new civilizations. As players progress through the Diplomatic Corps, they earn special ranks and rewards.
* Feature Episodes: five special new Episodes will debut weekly, beginning in August. These Episodes will introduce a new neutral race: the Deferi. Players of any level from both factions will be able to aid the Deferi against an adversary new to Star Trek Online.
* Dabo: a longtime staple of social areas in the Star Trek Universe, the casino game Dabo is coming to Star Trek Online. Players can wager energy credits to earn gold-pressed latinum, which they can exchange for special new rewards.

Season Two: Ancient Enemies also permits players to continue interaction with the Undine, venturing into their native Fluidic space to learn more about the enigmatic species and their struggle with the Borg. The Undine story continues with five new Episodes, a Fleet Action and all new Deep Space Encounters.

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