Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Giacchino on Star Trek Music, Sequel

Michael Giacchino, Oscar winner composer who scored Star Trek (2009), was a guest speaker for a screening of the movie in West Los Angeles. During the moderated Q&A, he spoke about working on the film, hopes for the sequel and more. The details and full video can be found at

Few highlights:
- Michael’s first approach was to create "space music" and "something you would expect", but JJ Abrams told him "it certainly sounds like space music, but it doesn’t sound like our movie" and it was Damon Lindelof’s advice saying "we are just making a movie about two guys who meet and become friends, there is nothing else you need to know…space is irrelevant…one guy has had a really tough life and the other guy has had a little better go at it, and it is just about how they became friends"

- Says it was not his idea to include the Beastie Boys song "Sabotage" and his first reaction was "when i first heard about it I was ‘what!?’, but when you see it in the film I was ‘he is right, it works’"

- On choosing where and how to use music from past Star Trek’s "That was a tough thing. In the very beginning we had a lot of conversations. Is there any music from the other movies we should use and any time you tried it it didn’t work because this film is so different stylistically. To me if you are going to strip away all the music from Star Trek the one thing you would hold is that original Alexander Courage theme, to me that is Star Trek. I knew at some point we would have to hint at it, in the body of the film maybe once or twice…and JJ and I always talk about that giving maybe one or two hints at it and at the very end just smashing with it and take it really big…because to us it wasn’t really Star Trek until they are all on the bridge at the end of the film."

- Giacchino wrote music for the deleted Klingon scenes, but "would not want anyone to hear it" as it didn’t think the scenes worked and didn’t think the music worked, and his "happy to have it gone"

- Would not use the Klingon music in sequel, noting "when and if they do bring Klingons back, I know it will be for the right reasons and will be part of the story and it will be easier for me to write music because I will have something to react to"

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