Friday, November 12, 2010

Pine, Dawson Talk Star Trek 2 Hopes

Two of the stores in the new film Unstoppable also spoke briefly about Star Trek 2 that is currently in the scripting phase of development. Chris Pine (Kirk) is hoping the sequel will have more humor while his lovely co-star Rosario Dawson is just hoping it will have her.

In an interview with Hollywood Buzz (video below) expressed his faith in the "whole gang" that will be developing the script and the movie while also saying "I do really enjoy the humor in it, hopefully there will be a taste of that in the new one."

Meanwhile self-professed Trekkie Rosario Dawson spoke with Collider about her hope that she can be in the next film and isn't even picky about the role. She said, "...just a Klingon, something, like anything at one point, just go out there and say "Qapla" or something, and then I'd be happy..."

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  1. The ties between now and then are getting closer!!!

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