Monday, January 3, 2011

Plinkett's Star Trek Review

Red Letter Media Mr. Plinkett is an odd reviewer. He creates these rather long reviews that typically tear movies a new one but does it in a way that is very entertaining and often right on nose. If you are a film student, his reviews of the Star Wars prequel films should practically be required viewing. His main focus is Star Trek and Star Wars with some branching out to other films. Unlike most reviewers, it quickly becomes clear that not only does he know films, but he actually has deep knowledge (or a crack research team) about the subject matter.

Below is a prime example as he spends a little over an hour breaking down JJ Abrams' Star Trek while comparing its story, characters and so much more to other films, Star Trek movies past, the series while using details about the Star Trek franchise that I barely even remember. The two part review is below or you can find them here.

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