Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shatner Proud of Star Trek, Not in Sequel

In an interview with the Courier Mail, William Shatner looks back on his career including Star Trek. He speaks of how he is proud of his Trek work and while he would be up for being in the Star Trek sequel, he doesn't expect it to occur. Considering the amount he gets just so a fan can get brief on one time ($1100), well I guess he can stick with not doing cameos.
``The level of Star Trek is both earnest and ironic,'' he says. ``I think of Star Trek at its best as being really good and when I was at my best I was good in it. So I am both proud of it and at the same time I am aware that some people think it was a soap opera and the sets were cheap and the effects - I can't even call them computer effects - were awful by today's standards.

``I would be so interested in doing it, especially with that wonderful director J.J. Abrams, but I don't see how it's possible and maybe we all have gone beyond that,'' he says. But I have shot a wonderful documentary where I talk to all the captains of Star Trek and try to find a common denominator and in the meantime have some fun talking to them about them and their lives.''

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  1. Nothing can beat Star Trek. This Sci-fi is most viwed in both series and movies.