Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simon Pegg Wants Harry Mudd

There really has been no news on the Star Trek sequel front for quite a while. I am actually surprised considering that something as special effects heavy as a Star Trek film needs as much lead time as possible for pre-production and post production and yet it seems a first draft is not even ready. In the meantime that doesn't mean the speculation stops and once again Harry Mudd has come up in relation to the sequel. While promoting his latest movie Paul, Simon Pegg (Scotty) said he would like the character in the film with his Paul co-star Nick Frost playing the character.

From Screenjunkies:
Q: Obviously Scotty was the last one to join the crew in Star Trek. Obviously you don’t know what the next script will be yet but are you excited to be there from the beginning?
Simon Pegg: Absolutely. I can’t wait. It’s a great crew. We all got on very well and I can’t wait to get back into that thing of getting to know each other. I think they’ll pick up the story from where we left off and we’ve all only just met so there’s a lot of mileage I would imagine dramatically in us all sort of getting to know each other.
From StatePress
Q: Is there any possibility that Nick will appear in the next “Star Trek” movie with you, Simon?
Simon Pegg: Probably not. We like working together but we don’t come as a pair. We’ve done as much stuff apart as we have together. We’ll always work together if we can though.
Nick Frost: I’m happy that Simon goes off and does his little things on the side. I like “Star Trek.” I like watching him in “Star Trek.” I wouldn’t like watching me in “Star Trek.” But if somebody offered me a million dollars to do it, maybe I’d do it.
Simon Pegg: I think he’d make a terrific Harry Mudd from the original “Star Trek” series.
Keep in mind this is all pure speculation as the actors have not yet read the script considering a first draft has not yet been turned in. Personally I found the Harry Mudd episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series to be boring so hoping that the character either doesn't show up at all or has a very minor role in the story.

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