Saturday, April 2, 2011

Star Trek Attraction Planned for Spain

TrekMovie is reporting that a Paramount theme park in area around Murcia, Spain will have a Star Trek themed attraction when it opens in 2015. The exact details are not known, only "...that Paramount has given a license to the developers, but the project is being financed locally in Spain (and financing has not been completed)." Here is a brief description of some of what the planners are thinking. A few more details about the theme park can be found at TrekMovie.
This zone [Future Plaza] submerges visitors into the fantasies of Star Trek, which promises total immersion, action and adventures awaiting in the form of the most advanced integration technology and special effects. Visitors can participate in a spectacular 4D battle environment in the War of the Worlds, fighting off alien invaders using the most advanced movement simulators which exist.

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