Monday, May 23, 2011

Star Trek Sequel Prep Has Begun

Not entirely sure when it all got started but email between Star Trek writer Roberto Orci indicates that the sequel for Star Trek has at least begun some of the basic pre-production work. A 70 page treatment (basically the movie without all the dialogue) is being used with the writers waiting for J.J. Abrams to finish promoting Super 8 before sprinting for the final script finish line. In the comments over at TrekMovie Orci wrote and later added:
Just been waiting for JJ to be free to really decide if he likes the story and hear his suggestions before we finish the script. Once he says go, we’ll have it in no time. Meanwhile, our outline is detailed enough (70+ pages!) to do some prep :)

In the meetings we’ve had with JJ, he’s already given us amazing input and ideas, and that’s been while he’s been up to his eyeballs in Super 8.

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