Saturday, June 11, 2011

William Shatner's Star Trek Pitch

Blastr is reporting that around 2003 William Shatner pitched a new Star Trek series to replace Star Trek: Enterprise on then UPN. I remember the rumors at the time which indicated the series was set at Starfleet Academy but no real details. According to the site, that is actually true. Not only was the series at the Academy but would have focused on young Kirk and Spock's years there. An idea that probably was fleshed out in Shatner's novel "Star Trek: Academy - Collision Course" that was released in 2007. The description of the novel suggested that it was a beginning of a new series of Trek novels from Shatner but sadly the next book never materialized. This was probably due to the by then leaked description of the J.J. Abrams' reboot that would partially take place there and explore the early years of both characters.

As we know now, whatever direction Shatner might have gone in would not have stepped on any toes but I guess the publishers didn't want to take the risk or simply stopped caring. If the current novel publishing state is any indication, tragically for long time fans, the exploration of the Star Trek Prime universe is on its last legs. Later this year or sometime next year there is a plan for a series of books to explore Kirk and Spock's Academy days but those will take place in the Star Trek 2.0 universe.

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