Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Star Trek 2 Production Starts January 15th has learned through sources that the Star Trek sequel is near the end of pre-production and ready to start principle photography on January 15th. The information isn't officially confirmed but the start date fits various rumors and accounts of the actors who indicated a 2012 start date. It is also early enough so Paramount still has the option of a Christmas 2012 release date (but Summer 2013 more likely). In addition, the site learned a few details on a possible shooting location, script prep, and other pre-production notes. Below is the summary.

- Production starts January 15th, 2012
- Pre-production has been going on for months using the reported 80 or so page outline from this summer
- The writers are currently working on a third draft of the script with goal of fitting it to Paramount's budget.
- Design team, headed by Star Trek (2009)'s production designer Scott Chambliss, has completed their design work.
- Construction of sets, props, etc. has begun and ILM is working on visual effects shots.
- Location scouting has begun. Possible choices include somewhere in Hawaii as a "jungle planet" and a Los Angeles museum as "famous Star Trek location." Paramount lot will likely also have plenty of built sets such as the Enterprise bridge and hallways.
- Casting discussions have begun but no roles have been cast.
- Scale of film described as "bigger" in scope as the first.

Currently it is unknown what the sequels budget i but the first film's budget was a Star Trek record $150 million. However, the writers, cast and director have successes in the years that have likely resulted in hefty pay raises. The result their salary costs will take a much bigger chunk of the budget (I would guess 20% compared to 5% then). Hopefully the overall budget was increased accordingly.

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