Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Burk: "Original and Unique" Story

While making the rounds to promote Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Star Trek Bryan Burk spoke about the sequel. He told MTV that they have they are not going to re-set the characters but use Empire Strikes Back model of just diving right in from the previous film. He also avoided confirming or denying Khan (so that theory remains alive) but instead stated that they are going for "something that would be original and unique and different and again on paper I think we made the right choice." The video is below. (via TrekMovie)

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  1. My only concern is there is enough time to explore the friendship between Jim and Bones. They were so amazing together in the first film. I also think that Spock and Uhura should continue as a couple. There is a very different chemistry betweent these four characters than in TOS. You should view all the "Captain & Doctor" stories on livejournal as well as in FanFiction.