Friday, December 2, 2011

Star Trek Online: Season 5 Update

Star Trek Online is a month or so away from going free to play but in the meantime players have the latest update called "Call To Arms". This Season 5 update brings new missions and new features to the game and will be the last major update until free to play kicks in on January 17th. (via TrekMovie)

New features:
- New Duty Officer System allowing you to collect and trade crewmembers with other captains
- The Borg Advancement: new missions confronting the Borg armada as they advance on the Alpha Quadrant
- Klingon Gameplay Updates: New improvements for leveling up Klingon characters
- Skills Revamp: Updated way to choose how to specialize your captain
- Mission Revamp: More streamlined way to play through episode content.
- Lore Missions: New type of non-combat play in social zones testing your knowledge of the game’s lore
- Economy Restructuring: For the first time ever, this update is going to allow players to acquire Cryptic Points without having to spend money.
- Preview Video 1 | Preview Video 2

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