Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Star Trek VI Turns 20

Today was the 20th anniversary of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country which was released on December 6th, 1991 for the 25th anniversary of Star Trek. The film marked the final adventure of the original Enterprise crew as they worked to stop war from breaking out between the Federation and Klingons. This was a time of renewed interest in the Star Trek franchise as The Next Generation was hitting new ratings heights in its fourth season, multiple celebration TV specials, and the death of Trek's creator Gene Roddenberry. I personally think the film is the second best of the franchise after Star Trek II and remember watching it way back when in theatres on its opening weekend. The "straight on til morning" with cast signatures is one of the best send offs that could have been conceived for these now iconic characters and their actors that played them (sadly could not find video of it). Too bad The Next Generation didn't get their own chance to say goodbye. For more details on the film's history including a nice video retrospective head over to TrekMovie.com.

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  1. Tt's been 20 years? wow. I too remember seeing this opening weekend. You hit it right on the money about the emotional send off scene and the signature credits. It definately is the best send of in motion picture history. Tjhat was truly original...having the stars sign their names on a starfield. I too wish The Next Generation would get a proper sendoff. Prehaps we may one day see that happen. The thing with The Next Generation movie is that they played it too safe. The movies ( except FIRST CONTACT) weren't shot very good. The camera shots and angles were what you got from the television series. The producers got cheap...and those were the results. Now if only a great filmmaker would come along ( besides JJ ) and give us an epic The Next Generation movie.