Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bruce Greenwood "Content" on Star Trek Role

Bruce Greenwood (The River) recently spoke briefly with Crave Online about his role of Christopher Pike in the Star Trek sequel that is currently filming. As usual the Trek cone of silence is in effect so no film details were provided.
Crave Online: J. J. Abrams said he starts shooting the "Star Trek" sequel on Thursday. Are you back on the set?
Bruce Greenwood: Yeah, I was in rehearsal yesterday.

Crave Online: How is it going?
Bruce Greenwood: It’s great. It’s great to be back with the gang again. It’s really very fun, it’s a good script. I can’t say anything about it.

Crave Online: Are you happy with the way Captain Pike is being handled?
Bruce Greenwood: Of course, yeah. I’m really content with it so it’s a great script.

Crave Online: Is the cast more of a whole now that they’ve done the first movie together?
Bruce Greenwood: Yeah, it’s a family.

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