Monday, March 12, 2012

USS Enterprise CVN-65 Being Decommissioned

While in the Star Trek universe, the Enterprise tends to go out in a blaze of glory that rarely takes all hands with it, its naval equivalent gets to go out with dignity after 51 years of service. The Navy's first-ever nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise CVN-65 if officially being deactivated on December 1st after its final deployment in the Middle East. According to, the ship's career highlights include being a "spotter ship for John Glenn’s Project Mercury space capsule in 1962 after Glenn made the first American orbital spaceflight; supported the U.S. blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis; and scenes for the blockbuster Tom Cruise film Top Gun were shot aboard the ship." George Takei also visited the ship in 2003 while a flag from the ship was presented to the Enterprise cast a few years later. More details here.

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