Monday, June 25, 2012

Orci Comments on Trek Series, Characters Not in Sequel

During a Q&A session for KERN radio over the weekend, Star Trek sequel writer answered a few questions about the sequel and the possibility of a future TV series. While he did not drop any specific nuggets about the movie, he did head over to TrekMovie and answered a few more questions including eliminating a few possible characters that fans theorized might be in the film. One was my pet theory that Alice Eve was cast as Janice Rand but that would be a negative as the Rand is not in the sequel.

The highlights:
- Have discussed doing a series after the movies but "Paramount controls the movies and CBS controls TV. So there is a little bit of power struggle there in terms of what happens. I have mentioned to CBS the idea of a Star Trek series and they are interested in it, but they would have to coordinate with Paramount and they would have to coordinate with Bad Robot." Basically I am not holding my breath on it occurring anytime in the next five or so years at least and definitely not with any existing movie cast members (I suspect they will run from Trek as fast as they can at the first opportunity).
- Remain open to doing an animated series, but "We haven’t even gone in to pitch, because the rights of how to get it done are so complicated that we are sort of waiting to see what can really happen."
- They might have a title with a "75% chance" it will contain the words "Star Trek" (I guess going the The Dark Knight route was considered)
- Characters not in the movie: Janice Rand, Gary Mitchell (2nd pilot episode becomes God-like), Charlie X, Ruck the Android, and the Borg.

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