Monday, December 31, 2012

Star Trek Fan's Dying Wish Granted This Weekend

It seems JJ Abrams can act fast when it comes to meeting the request of a dying Star Trek fan's last wish. On Christmas Day, a plea was sent to grant Daniel's final wish of seeing at least the 9 minute preview of Star Trek Into Darkness. On Friday it was reported that JJ Abrams and Paramount agreed to hold a private screening of something related to the movie. Now the wife reports that the screening was held on Sunday, showing that Abrams and Paramount moved with remarkable haste. It should be noted that while all involved could have made this into some public relations press blitz, they chose to let their actions speak for themselves. Considering the effort that JJ Abrams has put into keeping every aspect of the film a secret (including the villain name for over a year), his willingness to screen an incomplete cut of the film and risk all those hard kept secrets should not be dismissed. The wife provided a statement on the what transpired.
Hi everyone, it’s Daniel’s wife, we are of course sworn to secrecy, BUT we are officially allowed to say we saw it and we enjoyed it IMMENSELY as a film and as a gesture…However; Daniel ‘hates’ being an ‘inspiring cancer story’ we his friends and loved ones would prefer for the update to have more of a heartfelt message of giving, especially during this season:

This is a story of us giving something to him, the ‘internet’ community giving something to him and ultimately being a heartwarming gift to our friends, family and so many others. This story of us (and of course JJ Abrams & Bad Robot) being able to give this surprise gift of a screening to a huge movie buff like Daniel, especially a film made by a film maker who obviously makes movies with such care, with a fan like Daniel in mind (and a person like me who knows slightly less about these things). Also, it was truly amazing that a film-maker so secretive as JJ Abrams was kind enough to show this to us.

It is also so wonderful for his friends & his family to finally hear some good news from us, They know how important film is to Daniel & could not think of a better way to please to him. So this gesture really has brought a lot of smiles all around.

It was a wonderful thing to see with Daniel and a wonderful thing to see Daniel enjoy – Making someone as ill as he is smile for any length of time really makes a difference. (At this point making me smile is good too)

This is also so poignant as JJ Abrams took so much care in the first Star Trek movie to at least TRY to get everything ‘right’ for the fans and we were so touched when he was concerned that we wouldn’t 100% enjoy the screening as it’s still being worked on…….Be assured we enjoyed it 110%! We are so grateful thank you, thank you, thank you…..

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