Saturday, January 5, 2013

Empire Magazine's Interview, Hi-Res Images

Empire Magazine has posted hi-res images and one of their stories from their recent issue with Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve. For the interview they seem to be providing commentary for the various images with comments on either what they were doing while filming a scene, characters and other actors. Below are a few highlights with the the full article and images here.
Cumberbatch: Ah, Chris. He’s got something on his face, the dirty boy. Seriously though, Kirk really goes through it by the end of the film…

Alice Eve: Actually, when you spilt food on your costume on set, that was called ‘doing a Chris Pine’ because he did it that much.

Cumberbatch: He did keep doing a Pine… He’d just take a drink in his hand and forget to put his mouth to it. The boy – sorry, the man – was so tired carrying that film, I’ve got to say. He’s brilliant in it, I’m really excited to see his performance.

Eve: A lot of us in the film, especially Spock and Bones, serve as Kirk’s alter egos of logic and morality, but I do think in this film, after winning the captaincy in the previous movie, we see him earn it… spiritually, really, and sort of philosophically. Other ways than the practical earning of it.

Eve: He does a little bit. I mean, poor Zach has to go in at 3am to get his ears and stuff put on, so it’s pretty heavy for him, but the thing about Quinto as a person is that he’s got a real wisdom to him that is just inherent in who he is, and so that totally lends itself to playing Spock. I think it definitely becomes a little bit more of a character trait when he’s actually in character, and also the fact that he has to walk around the set with that haircut, those eyebrows... that just pushes you in a direction where you’re retreating away from the way you’d normally behave.

Eve: M[y audition] was actually completely different to Benedict’s – mine happened over a longer period of time, much earlier on in the process. (Turning to Benedict) You were finding out at the end of December 2011, for me it was at the end of September, October I think it was...

All very civilised, really. I met J.J. a couple of times, read for him, met with him, spoke with him, and then he called me up! I was driving when he called and I got shaky, I thought I was going to crash, so had to pull over into this little car park. He kept saying all these things to me in his rather charming way and I didn’t really know what he was getting at, and this went on for, like, 10 minutes before I said, "J.J. I’m so sorry, I just have to clarify, are you offering me the job? Because before I say that I’d lay my life on the line, I will eat real live frogs for you, Sir J.J. Of Abrams, I need to know if I’d be doing it for the benefit of the job..." He goes, "Yep, I’m giving you the job. I think that’s what happening, yes." So I said, "That’s wonderful, thank you, I’d love to do it!"

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