Monday, February 11, 2013

Alice Eve Denies Khan Rumors, Pegg Wants Abrams for Trek 3

Sunday was the British Academy Film Awards which honors films from around the world. Attending it were to native UK Star Trek Into Darkness cast members Alice Eve (Carol Marcus) and Simon Pegg (Scotty) who answered a few Trek questions. Alice Eve is flat out denies the Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan rumors saying "He is not playing Khan." Simon Pegg discloses he thinks that JJ Abrams "will do Star Trek [3]" after he completes Star Wars while voicing his support of preventing spoilers from leaking. Keep in mind this is a hope on Pegg's part and not inside information. Discussions on Star Trek 3 are probably not even going to start until after Into Darkness comes out. Videos below.

I suspect Paramount will take a wait and see stance until the schedule of Star Wars Episode VII becomes clear. They might wait on Abrams but if the Star Wars gets bumped to 2016 (which I think is all but inevitable), I just don't seem them waiting until 2017 for the next film to come out so will move ahead with a different director. It execs are really on the ball, once the numbers come in on 2 to judge its level of success, they need to get aggressive on at least prepping a script as Paramount should claim summer 2015 when Star Wars gets pushed back as coming out in 2016 against Wars is a non-starter and 2017 just means they might as well wait for Abrams. In short, any Abrams directing Star Trek 3 talk is idle speculation until two things happen - 1) Star Trek Into Darkness is judged a box office success and 2) the official release date of Star Wars Episode 7 is announced.

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