Friday, March 8, 2013

Brazil Star Trek Into Darkness Screening Reveals Spoilers

After months of nothing of value to report, we finally have a few spoilers to reveal thanks to a Brazilian Press screening to promote Star Trek Into Darkness. Its seems the lucky press there got to see 38 minutes of the unfinished film (which is still in post-production). Brazilian site Judao provided a summary of what was viewed while TrekMovie added their own context. Now huge spoiler warning here as story points are revealed. The core John Harrison story plot remains unknown but this nibbles around those edges so stop reading if don't want to know more about the movie's story and characters.

- Opening re-ordered so instead of opening with scenes in London between a family and their sick child, it instead opens on the red planet Nibiru as Kirk runs from the local populace and Spock preps to stop the volcano from destroying the local civilization.
- Citing "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few", Kirk violates the Prime Directive by revealing the Enterprise so can get close enough to the volcano to rescue Spock.
- After rescue sequence, get title card, then London scenes where John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) offers to save a father's child.
- Cut to Kirk in bed with two cat women and getting summoned by Christopher Pike. Kirk thinks its the Enterprise getting assigned a five year mission (touch back to The Original Series five year mission to explore strange...)
- Spock's report noted the violation of the Prime Directive, as a consequence Kirk is demoted and sent back to the Academy and Pike is restored to Captain of the Enterprise.
- In London, the child is saved and the father follows instructions to drop a ring in a bucket of water in a library basement which leads to a massive explosion.
- Back in San Fran, Kirk is getting drunk but told that instead of going to the Academy that Admiral Marcus (Peter Weller) okayed his demotion to first officer to Pike on the Enterprise with Spock getting transferred.
- Starfleet convenes a meeting with area captains (including Pike and Kirk) where Admiral Marcus reveals John Harrison was spotted on site (in other words he is a known enemy of Starfleet).
- Kirk, confused on the point of the attack, is about to point out its a trap when Harrison attacks the meeting killing many senior Starfleet officers. Kirk stops the attack but Harrison teleports away. (Hmm suddenly Starfleet has a whole lot lets number qualified captains, how helpful when trying to explain someone with ensign level experience getting and keeping a captaincy)
- After that the movie cuts to various scenes along the movie timeline
- Badly damaged Enterprise hurtling towards Earth and Sulu and the crew refusing to abandon ship as they have to somehow divert it from hitting over occupied land.
- Kirk and Scotty are working in Engineering trying to save her
- Cut to later in the movie as Spock begins a chase through San Francisco for John Harrison
- The John Harrison scenes convey that revenge drives his every act but what revenge for what isn't revealed at the press conference
- Also suggested that maybe Pike doesn't survive this film, further motivating Kirk in his quest to get Harrison.

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