Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simon Pegg On Scotty, More Screenshots

In the newest issue of Star Trek Collector's Edition magazine out now (or via an iTunes app), Simon Pegg talks about how Scotty has evolved in Star Trek Into Darkness. In addition the actor spoke with Empire Magazine for their newest Trek centric issue that has just come out in the UK. Highlights below along with pics from the Empire issue.

Scotty's in sequel:
"He’s still very proud, and he thinks he owns the ship. He’s very principled, and those principles define his role in the film."
Adding, then removing "scotishisms"
"Because I’ve got Scottish family, J.J. lets me put Scotishisms into the script. But one day he came up to me on the set and said, ‘Simon, we have to understand what you are saying!" So I pulled it back a little bit."
On film's big bad:
“It’s been fun seeing people try to figure out who he is playing and all the time it just being a very simple answer. John Harrison is indicative of a thing going on in society today, which is the enemy within. Not…a multi-horned alien or another country or whatever. It’s the idea that the threat can be one of us and can come from inside.”
Working with JJ Abrams
“JJ is truly irritatingly talented. He’s focused and passionate but at the same time he’s got a killer sense of humour, stand up level very sharp. He’s a polymath & a doodler. He’ll say “what do you think of that?” And by the end of the week it’s a Nickelodeon cartoon. He sculpts 3D sculptures on his iPad and then beat boxes in his downtime. He has a superlative light and energy”
(via TrekMovie x2)

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