Thursday, April 4, 2013

Four Star Trek Into Darkness Soundtrack Clips

Star Trek Into Darkness composer Michael Giacchino was in the recording studio with his orchestra, chorus and JJ Abrams recording the soundtrack for Star Trek Into Darkness. While doing that, he live tweeted video clips and images from as the end credits were being recorded. I imagine he wasn't allowed to provide visuals of previous recordings as often they are done along with particular scenes of the movie playing to make sure things get synced correctly. With the end credits, it an issue of length, not timing for particular moments so no visuals needed. Any case if many of the music cues sound familiar it is because many of them are modified versions of those developed for Star Trek (2009) along with more of Alexander Courage's them for Star Trek: The Original Series. I can't help but wonder if he uses some of the music cues created for the first 8 Trek movies. Any case, take a moment and enjoy the beautiful music below (I am such a sucker for music with a large chorus working in harmony). The four music vids are below.

(via TrekMovie)

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  1. always love a great music score to go with a movie. it always draws me into the movie more. star trek and star wars have both had great musical scores to them, and even though some of the star trek movies haven't been great in the past, the music to me has always been wonderful.