Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Blu-ray Out Today; Season Four Teases

Today brings Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Three Blu-ray and The Best of Both Worlds "movie" to stores everywhere. So far it seems Amazon has the cheapest price at $59.99 for season set and $14.99 for BOBW. The promos for the sets are here, the full details are here. AICN provides a video review of the set and some of the highlights from the "Inside the Writer's Room", "Resistence is Futile" and other special features of the set which can be found here.

So now that Season 3 is released and possibly on your shelf, time to turn to Season 4. The same release plan from S3 is being done with with a Season 4 set and a movie release. The movie this time is "Redemption" which edits the Season 4 finale and season 5 premiere together. The disc will include audio commentaries and documentary "Survive and Succeed: An Empire at War" that looks back at Klingon mythology and their evolution over the course of the seven seasons of The Next Generation. The release date is set for July 30th.

Speaking of Season Four, below is a teaser trailer for the release. Also for those concerned that the even season sets may have problems, CBS Digital is taking steps to address it. The initial plan was CBS Digital's in house team remaster seasons 1, 3, 5, and 7 while outsourcing seasons 2, 4, and 6 to HTV as it was the only way to stay on their about every three months release schedule. However, HTV (likely in effort to squeeze every penny of profit), took shortcuts that resulted in uneven special effects that often fell short of even DVD standards much less high definition Blu-ray. The outsourcing remains but Modern Video (The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy) are doing the even seasons with members of CBS Digital's team on hand to maintain consistent quality across sets. Makes you wonder if they may not want to consider revisiting Season Two and repair its problems before a box set of the entire series is released.

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