Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pegg On Filming STID

It took a while but finally have a somewhat interesting interview for Star Trek Into Darkness. Simon Pegg actually says stuff of substance. None of it spoiler but much more then the vague nothings the cast has been perfecting for the last few months and just repeating in 25 different ways. To be fair, most media reporters tend to ask the same 10 questions cause their knowledge on any given subject wouldn't fill an index card. Any case in this interview from io9, Pegg talks about taking antigravity on set, filming at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, the cast as the "Mirror Universe", and about a deleted scene that was one of the first filmed for the movie. Highlights below, full write-up is here.


- The trailer sequence when Kirk and Sulu are running down a corridor that is flipping was done with them on wires faking running down the corridor. Normally the set itself spins but it was too big (aka too expensive) to put on a gimble.
- While a lot of green screen was used, the Enterprise set was the biggest built in franchise history
- Qo'noS (pronounced Kronos) set was built at the Sony lot in LA, the red planet set was built in West LA, and USS Vengeance set was in a hangar at another unspecified location.
- While filming a scene that required a lot of running on Vengeance set, Pegg puked. Something about trying to run the fastest he had ever run before.
- Lawrence Livermore Laboratory's National Ignition Facility (NIF) was used as part of the engineering set to present the warp core area.
- Any red shirts in the scene (other then Pegg) are NIF scientists.
- Pegg jokes that for third film, it should be revealed that the cast is really the evil mirror universe counterparts to the TOS crew where they grow beards and meet their good guy counterparts.
- [Spoiler] One of the first scene's filmed had the entire cast on the Enterprise set in their costume as Kirk does a false captain's log after breaking the Prime Directive rescuing Spock (as revealed in first nine minute teaser back in December). Scene was cut as redundant.
- Scotty's sidekick Keenser was supposed to remain on ice world in first film but Abrams decided leaving him behind was wrong.
- Likes the character because it provides someone for Scotty to "bounce ideas off."

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