Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gene Roddenberry and Free Enterprise Kickstarter Projects

There are two Star Trek related Kickstarter projects currently hoping to make their goals. One is a documentary for Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry as they use his words and voice to show the creation of Star Trek. The goal is to reach $15,000 by next Sunday. For fans you might want to look and see if you are interested. All the details are here (video below).

The second project is a bit more ambitious as the goal is to take the Free Enterprise movie and turn it into a television series. To do that, they need a pilot to show to television studios and as a result they are hoping to raise $225,000 by August 20th. The full details on that project can be found here. (video below). Good luck to both projects.

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  1. Hey guys! Kirk, Spock and McCoy are here in new Star Trek game on AppStore