Thursday, March 26, 2015

Simon Pegg Comments on Star Trek 3

While promoting his next film in an interview with Comic Book Resources, Simon Pegg briefly commented on Star Trek 3 which he is co-writing. The key bit of information is that he is hoping to capture "the spirit of the TV show" and rumors indicate the film will take place at some point during the five year mission.
What got you excited about the opportunity to write the next “Star Trek” movie, and can you talk about the sensibility you want to bring to it?

It just came out of conversations I was having with J.J. [Abrams] and Bryan Burk, and they decided to kind of like restart the process. Because I’d been on the set with Burk-y on “Mission: Impossible,” he said, “Maybe you should come on and write it with Doug and Justin and him and Lindsey Weber. And I was a bit, “No. I don’t want to – it’s too much pressure!”

But I think we just want to take it forward with the spirit of the TV show. And it’s a story about frontierism and adventure and optimism and fun, and that’s where we want to take it, you know. Where no man has gone before – where no one has gone before, sensibly corrected for a slighter more enlightened generation. But yeah, that’s the mood at the moment.

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