Friday, September 18, 2015

Star Trek Beyond Release Bumped Two Weeks

Paramount Pictures has announced that they have moved the release of Star Trek 3 to July 22, 2016. The two week move from the initial start date of July 8 is so the movie can get showtimes in IMAX theaters since the previous release dates were already contractually set for the live action Tarzan movie from Warner Bros. However, for the move to work it assumes that WB is planning on moving King Arthur from the July 22 release date as that movie is also already contractually bound for IMAX theaters. In short, if WB keeps the movie in place (and it would make for a strong counter programming against a Trek flick), the Trek move could turn out to be pointless. Worse the movie is moving to even more competitive waters as it went from competing about Tarzan, The Purge 3 and Ghostbusters to competing against Ghostbusters, Ice Age 4, King Arthur and Bourne 5. On the face of it, it seems like a really stupid move on Paramount's part for something that currently relies on a competitor's cooperation. It makes we wonder if they know something the rest of the industry doesn't.

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