Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Star Trek Series 13 Episode Long Season

At the Saturn Awards on Wednesday, Collider was able to interview new Star Trek show runner Bryan Fuller about the upcoming series. So far its the most details revealed yet about the show but nothing specific about the story, cast or characters. Summary and full video below.

- One story over a 13 episode first season
- Episode directors not booked yet but Vincenzo Natali (Hannibal) has been hired as producing director
- Stages rented out, set building begins in a few weeks
- Casting process has started with goal of looking at the roles "through a colorblind prism and a gender-blind prism".
- Filming is expected to start in September and continue until March (so I interpret to mean CBS will not do an entire Netflix style entire season release)
- Run time is flexible but they were given parameters (I suspect that CBS is eyeing selling the series for airing on TV in the US or overseas so range would be around 40 minutes to 60 minutes in length).
- VFX producers have been hired to assemble a team as will try to do effects "in-house" to keep costs down since number of shots needed will change from episode to episode

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