Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rihanna's Sledgehammer Music Video for Star Trek Beyond

The music video for 'Rihanna - Sledgehammer (From The Motion Picture "Star Trek Beyond")' has been released. It shows zero footage from the movie, but does use the CGI swarm ships while opening and ending with some nice shots of the USS Enterprise. The lyrics for the song indicate, it was not written for or inspired by the movie with a two year old tweet from the artist suggesting its actually a track that didn't make the cut for her album Anti.

This is an interesting marketing ploy by Paramount and Rihanna. Paramount is hoping the single will (likely) be successful resulting in it promoting the film nearly every time its played while Rihanna (and her studio) gets paid by Paramount for doing the video, promoting the song and earns revenue from single sales while not having to pay out any money towards its production or release. We will find out the weekend of July 22 if this helps lead to a huge opening weekend for Star Trek Beyond.

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