Monday, November 12, 2018

Star Trek: Section 31 TV Show With Michelle Yeoh Coming?

Deadline is reporting that Michelle Yeoh is in talks to reprise her role as Captain/Emperor Georgiou for a Star Trek: Section 31 TV series. This would make it the third potential series in the works for the franchise as the Jean-Luc Picard is currently in pre-production as is Star Trek: Below Decks cartoon series. None of these shows have a current release date but its at least not until mid to late 2019. Below is some context but does include spoilers.


For those seeking context, Section 31 was first established in Deep Space Nine and also appeared in Star Trek: Enterprise and various books. The name comes from the original Starfleet Charter, Article 14, Section 31 which allows "for extraordinary measures to be taken in times of extreme threat." In effect its the CIA and NSA wrapped into one that infiltrates all organizations and governments within the Federation and anywhere else that could potentially be a threat to the Federation. Their tactics can best be summed up as "by any means necessary" to not just protect the Federation but also the secrecy of the organization itself. The significance of Georgiou's participation is due to the end of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, when the then Mirror Universe Emperor Georgiou entered the Prime universe and took on the disguise of good Captain Georgiou. In effect, the organization will be recruiting a heartless psychopath who hates non-humans with a primary source of leadership skills amounting to fear and assassinations while having zero concept or knowledge of the Federation or any of its ideals that Section 31 is supposed to protect. Its the fox in the hen house scenario with galactic implications. It sound incredibly entertaining if they take full advantage of the potential.

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