Monday, August 27, 2007

Coming Soon Quinto Interview

Another day, another pre-Heroes Season 2/ Star Trek XI interview, this time from Coming Soon. Once again major is revealed but here is a few odds and ends.

Full interview here.

- Will be shooting at least for the first 13 eps of Heroes season 2 (but may not be in all of them) before starting on Star Trek XI. Scheduling on doing both is still being worked out.
- Campaigned for Spock role and put out a casting tape in April for casting directors. The role offer came June 7th and is a multiple picture deal. This is standard though and doesn't gaurantee sequels of the pre-era but success breeds sequels regardless.
- Suggests the budget of the film is 100 million. That's actually significant. Probably one of the single sources of problems with the previous films was the budgets where usually to small to meet the needs of the films forcing compromises that where usually disastrous. Nemesis would have been lot more effective if they could have afforded a space battle with Starfleet rather then the moronic and improbable David vs Goliath fight it became, just as a random example.
- Was asked if Spock's family would be in the film but Quinto wouldn't/couldn't answer the question.

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