Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Star Trek Teaser Trailer Description

Yesterday was an early sneak peak of Cloverfield and with it came the teaser trailer for Star Trek XI. Below is a description of it from Hollywood Chicago.

Slow Paramount logo.

Bad Robot logo. (JJ Abrams' company)

Black, suddenly some sparks (very saturated [with] Michael Bay-looking cinematography).

We hear an old NASA radio countdown: “30 seconds and counting.”

Close up of a timeless guy with goggles leaning down doing some wielding and sparks flying around.

He lifts his goggles. Slightly futuristic head covering. It’s not a space suit, by the way.

The dude leans down and wields some more. He’s standing on big metal.

“From director J.J. Abrams” (blue font with a nice lens flare).

Some Kennedy speech about space flight: “The eyes of the world now look to space.”

People walking around the saucer section. The wielders are everywhere – showing size.

We hear: “The eagle has landed.”

Huge overhead shot pans across [and] suddenly [shows] what looks like miles of scaffolding underneath.

Title: “The future begins”.

Really impressive shot from … people all over the ship and you can see a huge industrialized city or shipyard in the background. It’s being built on Earth [rather than] in space.

Neil Armstrong: “One small step for man…”

Camera slowly cranes up over the whole saucer section.

Then we hear Leonard Nimoy’s line: “Space. The final frontier…” and the familiar “Star Trek” theme horns.

The shot continues [and reveals] the writing on the top of the saucer – “U.S.S. Enterprise” – and these huge aircraft-like warp engines in the background. Technically, the first reveal of what we’re seeing.

Just the Starfleet log (no title).

Title card: “Under construction”.

“Christmas 2008”
So there you go, an interesting choice in teaser trailer since it focuses on the supposed construction or retro fit of the Enterprise (which was actually built about 10 years before the events of the movie). Personally, I think I like the fan-made trailer more but a true comparison can be made when Cloverfield hits theatres Friday (note that the trailer is optional, not all theatres may show it) and will official hit online on Monday (but I suspect camera phone versions will pop up before then). (source)

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  1. If you remember your Star Trek canon...ships are built around this time period at the Utopia Planitia shipyard which is NOT on Earth but rather on Mars where the shipyard is within an Earth-like atmosphere. Otherwise your information is correct.