Thursday, March 27, 2008

Close-Up Star Trek XI Set Pics has pics from the Star Trek XI that appears to be the Enterprise construction set. The amazing thing is these are the first pics that show a close-up view of some of the sets that give an idea of the design for the movie. Before, the set pics where often blurry long distance shots with little detail.

From what I can tell, it looks like the "realistic" design atheistic from Star Trek: Enterprise is continuing here with a darker look, lots of switches and buttons (a carryover from the Original Series), and some of the pipes and inner workings being exposed. Not sure what to make of the grey uniform, it looks like a two piece, almost Next Generation in design. For some reason I can't help but think it’s something that Spock would wear but that’s just a leap on my part.

Update: I have recieved a takedown notice from a group claiming to be representing Paramount Pictures. Using Defamer's experience as a go by, I do believe the use of the pictures does not represent a violation of the DMCA and is covered by fair use in the act of reporting news and information. I replied back asking for more information but realistically the law is poorly written and to use it to your advantage requires simply the means and the will. Being right has very little do with it. I don't have the means. What actions I will take will be based on their reply.

This isn't a knock on sites that did take down the pics. They too probably don't have the means to fight. Also some of them (such as AICN) isn't willing to risk the access they now enjoy. I have no access so nothing lost.

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  1. I do not see any wrong in posting these pictures which dose not give away of the movie plot.Star Trek is over 45 years old and this movie will come and go in one week of it release.So,what! whats the big deal about this movie? new crew and new adventures reused set "oh please give me a break!" Paramount people think that the fans are idiot.