Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Simon Pegg Talks to AICN

AICN has posted an interview with Simon Pegg who is promoting his movie "Run Fatboy Run" which is coming out. There is a brief mention of his role as Scotty in Star Trek but once again the Abrams' Cone of Silence does its work. Hmm need a Star Trek technobabble term for director mandated silence.

The full interview is here with the Star Trek related snippet below. There is also an equally information-less AP article here where Pegg even refuses to verify his costume.

Quint: So I have to ask, can you give me a little taste of Scotty?
Simon Pegg: I can not… even for you.

Quint: Even for me?
Simon Pegg: If it was for anybody, it would be for you, but I’ve got to be careful not to do a Scottish accent anywhere now, because people will just assume it’s Scotty. My wife, obviously as I’ve made known, is Scottish and I have a large Scottish family up in Glasgow, so it’s not like I’m just some English imposter, I do have some connection to the country and I’ve used it.

Also the first AD, Tommy Gormley, on STAR TREK and also MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, is a real dyed in the wool Glaswegian and so having him on set was great, because if my wife wasn’t there, I could defer to Tommy and say “What do you think of this? Is this phrasing right?”

One thing I didn’t want to do is an impression of James Doohan, because I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was making fun of him, you know? If I started doing an impersonation of the actor that played Scotty, that would be doing the part and the actor a disservice, so my intention was to take it as James did when he first picked up the script, and just say “Okay, he’s a physics genius, he’s an engineer, he’s from Scotland…” and approach the character like that and to have my interpretation of it.

Quint: Can you tell me how big of a role Scotty plays in the thing? Is it a significant part?
Simon Pegg: Yeah, and there is very little I can say, because there is a Paramount sniper trained on the back of my head as I speak. He’s on a building and I’m not going to look, because he will know I know he is there, but I worked on the film for five weeks basically, so take from that what you will. The rough and tumble chirpy engineer from Linlithgow is very much in the film.
Quint: Since you have a bigger part in this than you did in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, was there any noticeable difference in how Abrams worked with you?
Simon Pegg: JJ is such a machine, you know? He has got so much energy and enthusiasm and he absolutely loves what he is doing and I think that the key thing that the STAR TREK fans out there, of which I am one, but even the more dedicated ones even, the key thing that they have to remember is the one person that I’m sure they would want to make the next STAR TREK film would be a STAR TREK fan and JJ is most certainly that.

He’s not making this because it’s a business opportunity or it’s a script that landed on his door step. This is something he really, really loves and wants to do and I can’t think of a better person to be at the helm of this project and that’s always reflected in his attitude on set. He is just an absolute… he’s a pitbull. He really is. He’s on it all of the time and kind of… you know there are people on a set to verify things so that nothing is overlooked… nothing out of the universe, because people are always going to be looking for that kind of stuff for whatever weird reason. In some respects there is an odd sense out there that people kind of want it to not be very good to justify that the odds are kind of reluctant that it even exists, but I just think that being a fan of the show and having seen it up close, I’m fucking excited and I’m in it.

Quint: So he’s not “prequeling” it. He’s not going to crush the dreams and hopes of the fans?
Simon Pegg: Absolutely not and what is so exciting is what we are going to see is a STAR TREK movie with contemporary special effects in it. With the special effects that we are seeing now in cinema, that’s going to be applied to STAR TREK. ILM and these companies that can do amazing stuff… It’s going to be fantastic and we are going to see this universe realized more keenly than it ever has been before.

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