Monday, April 16, 2012

New Star Trek Set Photo

A new Star Trek set photo has popped up online. It shows Zachary Quinto hanging in some red space suit that seems like a cross between Iron Man and the space suit Kirk wore in the TOS episode The Tholian Web. The description with the photo says its a "Volcano Suit". Speculate away as no clue what this means as far as the movie goes.
Zachary Quinto as Spok filming an action scene for the Untitled Star Trek 2 Sequel. After first rehearsing the scene with a Spok Stunt Double Actor Zachary Quinto was then rigged to a wire in front of a large green screen and lifted to a height of 10 stories high then dropped at a high rate of speed as if he was falling. In the scene Spok is wearing a "Volcano Suit" and carrying an unknown piece of equipment with the Starfleet Emblem. A Volcano is somehow involved in this scene. The crew had a real fire burning off camera to catch the fire reflections on Spok's "Volcano Suit".

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