Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shatner Clarifies Star Trek 11 Exclusion

Williams Shatner has posted a new video that clarifies his response to be excluded from Star Trek XI. Apparently multiple tabloids felt he was angry about not being in the upcoming movie even though that didn't come across to me in the video where he revealed Leonard Nimoy's involvement. Of course most tabloids survive on rumors and manufactured conflicts so no suprise there would be an exaggeration.

Shatner: "I don't know where this upset thing go. The tabloids make it up. In fact I called writer and producer JJ Abrams up, I met with him prior to all this, and I didn't say anything cause they asked to not talk about Star Trek. Who was in and who was out. I had known I was not in it for a while. I'm sad I am not in it. Disappointed. for me being lobbying for the part, how do you lobby for the part when you got this script written. I have heard of actors lobbying for parts, I got to find out how you lobby for a part. As for being upset about it, I am disappointed."

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