Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Zachary Quinto Is Young Spock

Multiple websites (here, here, and here) are reporting that Zachary Quinto's is going to play the young Spock in Star Trek XI. Pretty much everything is in order except for signing on the dotted line.

From E! News's Kristin:
I checked with a source who confirms that the Zachary Quinto-as-Spock contract is with the business affairs team at Paramount. Business affairs is generally considered the last stop on the deal-negotiation train. The deal only awaits sign-off from outside counsel.
TVGuide's Michael Ausello:
Zachary Quinto was neither confirming nor denying reports that he's in line to play a young Spock in Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams' Star Trek pic. "I'm under strict orders not to say anything," he said. Luckily, my BFF Greg Grunberg was under no such gag order. "How exciting is that?" he enthused. "Now I've got to beg, plead and scrape to get in that movie!"
Kind of odd to not deny a role. Could have said "I am interested but don't whats happening" or any other neutral things but staying mum on it pretty much says "I am Spock." to me. The official confirmation will probably come in the next day or two during the San Diego Comic-con.

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