Monday, August 20, 2007

USA Today Two Spocks Interview

Will Keck interviewed Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy in an attempt to get some tidbits about their roles and Star Trek XI (and Heroes Season 2). The video itself is pointless but the article provides a few factoids about the upcoming production. Thanks to Scott Gibson for the link.

The video interview and article can be found here.

Few highlights:
- Two met first time at the San Diego Comic-con.
- Talk about "Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theatre" but not really sure what its about.
- Quinto not yet able to do the Vulcan greeting sign. Can do it on left but still working on right.
- "I really identify with Spock's struggle," [Quinto] says. "We're going back to a time before anything (Nimoy did in the original series) was established. These characters are in a completely different stage of their lives."
- Shooting starts in November and will last 85 days.
- 11 stages built on Paramount lot for movie with location shooting in Iceland planned.

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