Monday, December 10, 2007

Chris Pine in Star Trek Uniform

JFX has posted what could be the first shots of Chris Pine in his Starfleet Academy Kirk costume. They also have shots of someone as an Orion slave girl (because of the green skin) but sadly wearing a coat so can't see the entire costume.

The shoot is in Orange County, CA at a large hangar and involves some cadet graduation ceremony with Kirk (not graduating) and Spock in attendance. The speculation is the uniform denotes trainer or trainee status for the academy. Of course this doesn't explain the Orion Slave Girl as at the time of the movie the Orions (Star Trek's pirate race) are not members of the Federation and the girls are second class citizens to their male owners. Maybe a post-graduation party?

Below are sample pic of each but click here to see the full gallery. (source)

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