Monday, January 21, 2008

NCC-1701 Viral Site

A new viral campaign for Star Trek XI appears to have started with which currently appears to be four monitors viewing the construction of the Enterprise. It annoys as its supposedly the construction rather then retro fit of what would already be a 10 year old ship. Oh well, no choice but to get over it. As the screenshot shows, the details are more then a bit muggy but something to check in on every once in a blue moon. So far the official site hasn't updated.


  1. Voiceofreason1/25/2008 8:59 PM

    Has it occured to anyone that nothing ever changes on the viral site? Its looped over and over. Who wants to watch the welder working on the same spot over and over. Is there a point? I know there was the corridor picture discovered, but is there suppose to be updates? Maybe new views every so often?

  2. u can adjust the clarity using the thingy on the bottoms of the screens. and if u wait a long time the staticy screen shows a picture of a corridor very briefly.